A Quick Guide In Choosing The Best Caterers In Manchester

A Quick Guide In Choosing The Best Caterers In Manchester

So, you are planning an event. It may be a wedding party, a dinner party or even an office party. Regardless, there are numerous decisions to make, and one of the most important is your choice in catering service. The caterer will be responsible for providing food, which is the most vital aspect of any dinner arrangement. As such, you will want the finest quality cuisine in Manchester. However, there are some important details that you need to consider when hiring caterers in Manchester.

The Decorations

If the catering company doesn’t provide chairs, tables and linens for events, chances are that they can hire a company that can. It’s imperative that you know in advance exactly what the caterers are supplying and what they cannot offer. Take a look at their brochure or portfolio to see how they handled their previous events.


www.thymeoutside.co.uk caterers in Manchester have contacts for entertainers which makes it easier and affordable for you. The catering company may have worked with the entertainers in the past meaning they would be able to give you helpful information on whether they are ideal for your event and worth the money.

The Wait Staff

Thyme Outside catering service in Manchester will provide a wait staff for your event. However, don’t assume anything. Ask how many waiters they will send. What’s the ratio of servers to the guests? One for every ten guests is usually the best. How will the staff be dressed? Is there are a dress code? Keep these questions in mind before settling for a certain catering service.

The questions you ask during the interview process can make the difference between a successful event and a complete disaster. Don’t be swayed by the best price until you ask all the relevant questions with the help of this guide.