Refurbished All In One laptop

Brand new laptops are usually returned to the seller or manufacturer shortly after they are unboxed for a variety of reasons. Laptops delivered in dented packages, those with minor structural dents or defects and even those given out as unwanted presents are usually returned to the seller or manufacturer while still relatively new.

These laptops are then taken through a rigorous refurbishment process where they are inspected for any defects. Necessary repairs are undertaken, hard-disks formatted and Operating Systems reloaded before the computers are taken through a testing phase. Once they are found to be in the optimum working order they are certified refurbished and marked with a new serial number showing this.

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These refurbished laptops are then marketed or sale once more. Read on below to find out some of the main benefits of choosing to buy refurbished laptops over their brand new counterparts.

Cost Savings

The first and probably most significant advantage of choosing to buy refurbished laptops over brand new alternatives is the fact that they are offered for sale at a substantially reduced price.

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It is worth mentioning that in most cases these computers have not been used for more than thirty days. As such, you will be getting a relatively new laptop at a substantially reduced price. The fact that these laptops have the latest features and capabilities means you get more value for your money.


As mentioned above, refurbished laptops have to be taken through a rigorous inspection, repair, and testing process. Before these computers can be certified as refurbished, they have to be tested for more than four hours to ensure that they can deliver on the specified manufacturer features and capabilities.

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The quality of the machines is more or less unquestionable. It is, however, worth noting that the quality rating of different brands is reliant on the quality standards they adhere to.


Refurbished laptops are marketed with a one year warranty. This means that seller stands behind the quality of the computer in question. It is also worth noting that buyers can choose to purchase an extended warranty that extends to three years for added peace of mind.

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Find The Right Seller

When looking to purchase a refurbished laptop, it is important that you choose the right seller. It’s recommended that you choose to buy from dealers. This is because they are very good and professional manufacturer and are best positioned to offer high quality refurbished laptops.