Diet Support Requires Diet Ally

I woke up and saw a post to a soccer player supporting his fellow teammate that was black in protest of their National Anthem on Facebook. I was geeked up! When I get excited, I sing and create dances but not like, “The Wheels on the Bus go ‘Round and ‘Round” type lyrics. I’m much more like, “Oooooooooohhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaah! Lemme find that this whiiiiiiiiiiiiite boy on his kneeeeeeeeee!” It was only when I was that I realized that people praised Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles for putting his arm across his teammate because he held his fist up during the National Anthem. I guess it’s a thing, right? Sure. I kept studying and came up with a quote from Long, “I’ve said before that I will never kneel for an anthem since the flag signifies something different for everyone in this state but I encourage my peers.” Yes, I understand there’s more to his quote. I do not care (do not @ me personally). And THAT’S what I call “Diet Support”.

Well damn, Chris! Thanks for putting yourself out there. I had to look at two photos before I realized what your support was, and read an whole post. Sometimes I’m a little too woke. I do it. I’m constantly checking my reactions to things when it has to do with allies and racism. It is like, “hello, boo! I see you together with your Black Lives Theme button on your coat!” *whispers “I had to squint to see it but I watched it sooooooooooooo, cool” Then the second day my Facebook is blowing like,”Look guys! We got ANOTHER white participant supporting us” I caught my eclipse glasses since I’d not find this again and I did not wish to hurt my vision. I see a picture of Justin Britt of the Seattle Seahawks using his hands on the shoulders of teammate Michael Bennett that is black because he sat during the National Anthem. I mean, creatively, it left me uneasy but I woke. How much would it have been to find a knee is really taken by that a player WITH his teammate and show support?

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