What Is DBT Residential Treatment?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT as it’s commonly referred to is an acronym for borderline personality disorder. This disorder includes such things as self-harm (cutting), thoughts or frequent attempts at suicide and the regulation of emotions. This disorder can also be a co-occurring disorder alongside depressin, anxiety, bipolar, alcoholism and drug addiction.

The most intensive treatments for this condition include residential programs where patients are given the tools that they need to succeed at kicking the bad habits and leading successful lives. Patients are taught in a 30 to a 90-day program as inpatients how to deal with such things as impulsiveness and their extreme emotional reactions to what others would consider being typical daily situations.

meehlfoundation.org helps patient to interact in one-on-one as well as in group therapy sessions so that patients will learn how to properly cope and deal with the daily stressors of life. They will learn how to keep from being overwhelmed when things happen and how to recognize their reactions and learn to respond rather than react to situations.

Patients will learn how to practice their new skills in therapy and in real life situations. As they learn how to deal and cope with life they will graduate toward independence and lead the lives that they were meant to lead.

As patients learn how to refocus and direct their emotions they will learn the relationship between their thoughts and their behaviors. This, in turn, will help them to see a clear picture of how life really is without having to self-medicate to get through the tough times.

Patients will learn how to recognize that they have the power to change their lives without having to resort to self-harming techniques (cutting, drug use, alcoholism and other behaviors).

As these skills become finely tuned, patients learn that they can challenge their rigid thinking. They will learn that often, what seemed black and white is actually gray and that every situation has its own resolution. By residing in a facility that focuses on helping a patient to cope, DBT residential treatment will go far to help them understand what was triggering their other issues in life.